VaQP 2021 APRS Mobile Tracker

I’ve activated my VaQP APRS Tracker map for 2021. It’ll run thru contest weekend. I’ll only track the call signs (-SSID) of VaQP participant who email me ( with their full APRS call sign (ex: K1RA-4). You can check out the map link below. During the competition it automatically updates every 2 minutes. Currently it is displaying any active APRS call signs from my past year’s list of VaQP mobile and portable participants. See:

Click on a blue push pin (single call), or colored circle number (cluster of calls) to expand for more information about the VaQP mobile or portable station’s details for a given area. The map will focus/zoom in on the active stations within the last several minutes. You can also click on any colored county or independent city for its VaQP abbreviation and name.

Email me (Andy K1RA with your call and -SSID if you wish to participate in this experiment! I’m hoping that any stations who will be going mobile or portable during this year’s VaQP contest will consider running APRS either on 2m FM on 144.390 MHz or better yet via internet on their smart phones using something like APRSDroid (free and tested) or other APRS-IS compatible Android app or iPhone apps. NOTE APRS.FI app does NOT work directly with the APRS-IS network so it will not work with my VaQP map. Apps MUST be able to send packets to APRS-IS server network for my map to detect and plot a call sign. The APRS TX IOS app seems to be the least expensive Mac app and looks to support APRS-IS. Be sure to get your APRS pass code and enter into the smart phone APRS app so your location is sent through the internet for my server to detect and plot you on the VaQP APRS map.

Note, if your APRS app or TNC allows for a comment or message field in your APRS GPS broadcast, please enter something useful like “VAQP”, “CQ VQP”, etc. as I will catch it and display it when someone clicks on your call sign marker on the map. Other text might be your status, i.e. on-the-air, in route, current county, off-air, ETA to next QTH, bands, etc. but no specific frequency as that may violate the contest self spotting rules.

If you know of any mobile or portable VaQP stations who will have or can take APRS, encourage them to do so and contact me ASAP. Also, please email the APRS Map Tracker URL above and this post’s URL to your clubs and local groups so they can watch and track stations as they travel.

By the way, the difference between my map and or is that I’m overlaying the Va counties and independent cities so we can see when a particular mobile station reaches a new C&IC.

Email any comments, questions or suggestions to


andyz – K1RA

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