K1RA & KW4VA Station Warrenton, VA.

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  • Andy,
    Enjoying the pix of you and Rich a lot (K8GP site)! I’m finishing my PhD at Univ. Washington, Seattle (electronic music). AND I’ve just put W7YD (a formerly dead club station) back on the air (4 members now!). We are operating out of the Radar lab in EE at UW. We’re going quickly to Moon Bounce, and Scatter, based on the labs “proclivities”. We have HF on-line with beams as well. However, one member is (famed, yes?) Darryl Holman, VHF contestant roaming (+pilot) WW7D. Love his airplane with portable VHF array. Darryl is awesome (crazy) ham. Hope we can connect live at some point.

    Let me know how your doing. I am enjoying radio more than ever (My girlfriend is totally into it as well,of course).

    Very Best (miss EAX AM)