Google Maps and Cabrillo Logs

<?php if( !isset($_POST["submit_file"]) && !isset($_POST["submit_url"]) && !isset($_POST["re_submit"]) && !isset($_GET["submit_url"]) && !isset($_GET["submit_url"])) { print 'This page will provide for the dynamic generation of color-coded grid maps given a V/UHF Cabrillo log (No ADIF, eQSL, or other non-Cabrillo formats). An example output picture of this process is seen below. This is just a picture and not maneuverable. Your submitted log will be scrollable, zoom-able and click-able and list call signs and grid squares and the number of stations contacted.

Google Grid Map K8GP 1997-06 All Bands
Google Grid Map of K8GP 1997-06 ARRL VHF Log for All Bands‘; } ?>

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