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My KiwiSDRs are back on the air! Back during early 2016 I invested in a Kickstater project called KiwiSDR. This project was the development of an add-on cape to a small form factor, Linux computer known and the Beaglebone Black. This hardware allows for up to 4 simultaneous online users to tune in any part of the HF radio spectrum from 0-30 MHz, using several different modes, as well as providing visual feedback of signals and some demodulation of digital modes. The software employed in known as OpenWebRX and was originally written by HA7LIM (now maintained by Jakob DD5JFK here), but was modified by KiwiSDR founder KF6VO to support some specific features of the new hardware. If there is an available slot on my SDR, located in Warrenton, VA grid FM18cr, you may tune in and listen for yourself by clicking on this link or picture below. If it is full you may try one of the many other KiwiSDR’s found listed at the KiwiSDR Receiver List. There is also an OpenWebRX Receiver List.

K1RA OpenWebRX KiwiSDR

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10 comments to K1RA SDR online

  • Mike Bishop

    Hi Andy!

    Hope you’ve been well. I was just cruising around QRZ a few minutes ago and thought, “I wonder what Andy is up to these days.” So I went to your site and this post about KiwiSDR caught my eye. Very cool. I played around with it for quite a while and appreciate your making it available. Just last night I was messing with one of the NooElec SDRs and an upconverter that you recommended several years ago. I’m finally easing back into the hobby now that I’ve had a chance to unpack most of my junk here in Forest, VA. Hope to catch up with you sometime soon.

    Take care,

  • Fred Steurer

    I like your SDR, Andy. The low noise signal is so cool!
    Thank you for making it available.

  • Andy,
    I was just surfing around your site here. I obviously didn’t look at it very hard a few weeks ago. You’ve got all sorts of cool stuff here!! I’ll have to search around and find the help files for the KiwiSDR…

  • Hi Andy, I just tried to access your SDR and could not connect. I was wondering if it is still a available. I have used it in the past month and really did enjoy it.
    Thanks for all your effort.

    • k1ra

      I took a close lightening hit last week and lots much of my online SDR systems. I’m trying to diagnose what if anything is fixable.

  • Nick

    Hello from Luzern, Switzerland, when I was living in Brazil I was always listening HF on your K1RA SDR. The Reception was always great.

    Is this SDR definitely QRT, or the URL Address has changed ??

    Best Regards & 73s from Nick,

    PT7MM / HB9GUC

  • Jon Mitchell, KD3FG

    Very cool resource! I’m finally getting my uBITx on the air and I just used your rx to copy my WSPR signal on 40m. I’m impressed with the capabilities on the receivers on that SDR.

  • Javier

    Excelente SDR! saludos desde Patagonia argentina. LU4VI

  • Saman Fernando

    Excellent SDR! Enjoyed very much.. Thank you from Sri Lanka

    Sam – 4S5ST


  • Greg

    Thanks Andy for your SDR online! I will try the plugins as I figure out to run the system. Great service-


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