80m Busted QSOs

QSO’s removed from fox logs and noted reasons. Incorrect QTH and/or name only affects individual fox and fox team scores and does not penalize a hound if their QTH or name was not copied and logged correctly. If a fox logged a hound call incorrectly, then a hound was NOT credited with a valid QSO in the Top Hound rankings table.

The “Reason” field lists QRZ.com info and info tallied from other fox logs. Numbers in () indicate the number of times a name or QTH was logged for this particular hound call sign. The most common copied info was used as truth when determining whether or not data was copied correctly.

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Follow the links below to view the hound and fox data from my various log parsing scripts:

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2 Responses to 80m Busted QSOs

  1. Drew K9CW says:

    This is a great summary page, Andy!

    I was surprised by my two busted QSOs in week 8. Sure enough, the log I posted did not include a state for WA9TZE – my error.

    Regarding WA8BXN, however, my raw log data and the log I submitted shows that I copied his call as WA8BXN/3. I think he was operating /3 in DE that session.

    73 de Drew K9CW

  2. Bill C K4KSR says:

    Very interesting. Not at all surprised at busted QSOs in week 5. That was an awful night. The one with AB7R in week 15 was a surprise. Seems I typed in “Gregg.” Paper log has “Greg” very clearly. I did exclusively paper log and then transcribed. Found all manner of transcription errors that pissed me off to a fare-thee-well. Looks like another one, dammit.

    I think the estimated number of hounds ~ 100 is pretty good. If you discount those with 1 pelt as probably garbled and mebbe also a few with 2 pelts, you come out a bit over 100. What I find really interesting is the total number of different hounds worked by a fox.

    I do find one very clear error in the best fox DX chart. It’s just over 2400 miles from my QTH to AB7R (shown week 5). The grid square calculation is probably less, but the number shown seems completely out of whack, especially if you compare NG7Z to VA

    72, Bill C K4KSR

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