Since being first licensed by the F.C.C. as an amateur radio operator, I’ve been interested in a facet of the hobby known as “contesting”, or radiosport. In short these are competitions that pit radio operators against each other in an attempt to contact the most number of people, in the most unique locations on as many of the allocated radio bands they are capable of emitting a signal.

As a novice I participated in my first contest as WB1ALW in the 1976 ARRL sponsored 10 meter contest. At a very young age I was bitten by the contesting bug. I found it exhilarating that I could participate in a competition that encouraged people around the world to communicate wirelessly. Much of my site is dedicated to the radio contest activities I have participated in. Since I have a humble home station I more often than not team up with other radio amateur operators to enter various contests in the multi-operator category. Please navigate the rest of this site to see pictures and videos, as well as hear audio from some of the more memorable radio events I have operated. These include operating from multi-operator stations W3LPL and K8GP, as well as some roving, or mobile operations, with KC3WD and KD4DSX (now N3UW). Be sure to read, see and hear my HF DX contesting experience at W3LPL in the CQWW SSB 2001 DX contest.

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  1. Rick Sawaya Sr says:

    I worked you and went to fill out your info and saw where you did not accept QSL’s ? I didn’t know if you wanted me to go ahead and send on the contact for points or not.. please advise… I also do eqsl and it is auth via the arrl if you prefer that way instead of one mailed to you…
    Thank You for the contact enjoyed the VA QSO party

  2. Will says:

    Blogs like this is waht we blog addicts are looking for, will visit often.

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