80m QRZ Info

Hound info as recorded at QRZ.com. This info was mainly used for deriving hound grid square and plotting the Fox QSO maps. If a call was not found in QRZ.com, it is listed as BUSTED. Name, QTH and Busted Call data is used in the check log script when there was not enough fox log data to support a consensus.

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Follow the links below to view the hound and fox data from my various log parsing scripts:

80m Top Foxes
80m Top Fox Teams
80m Best Fox DX
80m Total Fox DX
80m Busted QSOs
80m Fox Log Accuracy
80m Log Info
80m QRZ Info
80m Top Hounds
80m Best Hound DX
80m Fox QSOs by All Hounds Map
80m Individual Hound Maps
80m Fox QSO Maps Week 01-10
80m Fox QSO Maps Week 11-20
80m Time-lapse Fox QSO Maps Week 01-10
80m Time-lapse Fox QSO Maps Week 11-20
80m QRP Fox Hunt 2008/9 Main Page

1 Response to 80m QRZ Info

  1. Dennis Berry says:

    Very interesting work on the maps Andy. I’ve often wondered if one could do something with Google maps, but was not able to figure it out quickly.
    The idea I wanted to see, and maybe you can with the work you have done, is to not see all the lines from fox to hound, but rather see station worked, time and distance. I thought that may help show how the propagation was working during the night. Maybe even a list of time and distance to station worked. I thought that may give an indication if the associated band was short then long, all long, not workable, etc. The maps are nice, but all the red tends to block out the close in stations. I see a block at the end of each line, does it contain some info or just a marker?
    I’m not complaining at your work at all, I think it is great. Just offering an idea for another way to view the data.
    Thanks, have fun with this. Maybe you’ll tell us more of the “how to” one day.
    Dennis, NU8S

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