2010/11/17 QRP Fox Hunt K1RA 80m (WebSDR)

Here is a highly experimental WebSDR recording of my QRP Fox Hunt operation on 80m Tues. Nov. 17, 2010 employing PA3FWM‘s WebSDR software. Java, Javascript, broadband connection and sound card required. This page has been tested with IE 8, Firefox 3 and Chrome 8. If this page is too busy or doesn’t load you may have to reload or revisit later. I can only support a limited number of simultaneous users.

This WebSDR is running in a constant loop and currently only covers the first 60 minutes of my 80m fox hunt. I was listening around 3565 KHz. Enter that frequency in the Freq KHz: text entry window and hit Enter on your keyboard, or click and grab the passband window in the waterfall display and drag right to find me and the hounds. I was sending VVV and QRP about 1 minute before the hunt, this is when the SDR playback loop begins.

K9CW was listening around 3557 KHz. Enter that frequency and you may hear him and the hounds calling him in between my transmissions. You can see the display white out and hear clicks due to overload when I send.

Leaving the filter bandwidth at 2.49 KHz will allow you to hear me and stations calling me up the band. You can adjust the passband filter if you wish with the appropriate +/- 60 b/w buttons.

I hope to break this loop down into smaller 1 minute chunks so one can jump to a particular time vs. having to listen to the entire loop. Come back later for more updates to this page. Comments and suggestions welcome.

73 & Enjoy!

andyz – K1RA