Roving is a term used in the VHF community to designate radio operators who set up their vehicles with radio equipment and antennas, travel to multiple locations, or grid squares and attempt to talk with as many other stations as possible. Individuals, or teams of two, usually venture to hill tops or other VHF friendly locations to help enhance their signal coverage.

Read about the K1RA & W8ZN rove experience in the ARRL June 2014 VHF QSO Party.

Check out coverage of the K1RA & W8ZN rove in the ARRL Jan VHF SS 2014 contest.

See K1RA & W8ZN @ K8GP Rover in the ARRL Jan VHF SS 2012 including some preparation pictures click here.

Read my adventures with John W1RT rover in the ARRL contests in Sept 2012, Sept 2011 and Sept 2010.

I assisted John W1RT in roving in the ARRL VHF Sept 2009 contest. See my pictures and read the story of our adventure by clicking on the picture that follows.

ARRL VHF Sept 2009


I’ve been fortunate enough to have operated several roving expeditions with some local hams in northern Virginia over the past few years. Click on the pictures below to enter one of the galleries of pictures and videos I have captured while out roving during a VHF, radio contest weekend.

ARRL VHF Jan 2009
Northern Virginia Rove

ARRL VHF Jan 2007
Eastern Shore Rove

W8ZN Rover


ARRL VHF Jan 2006
Skyline Drive Rove

ARRL VHF Sept 2000
Appalachian Rove



Check out a 360 panoramic view from the top of Reddish Knob and from the uWave tower site near Linden, VA from January 2009 with W8ZN rover.

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Read more of the KD4DSX / N3UW rover in Rich’s roving journal by clicking on June 2000-2002.

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    Really enjoyed navigating through the site and seeing what these hardcore rovers have put together among the other information. Thanks for taking the time to put the images and information together for others to enjoy.

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