80m Log Info

Data tallied from all fox logs. Supporting info for determining busted calls or reports. Numbers in () list the times a particular piece of data was logged by a fox.

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Follow the links below to view the hound and fox data from my various log parsing scripts:

80m Top Foxes
80m Top Fox Teams
80m Best Fox DX
80m Total Fox DX
80m Busted QSOs
80m Fox Log Accuracy
80m Log Info
80m QRZ Info
80m Top Hounds
80m Best Hound DX
80m Fox QSOs by All Hounds Map
80m Individual Hound Maps
80m Fox QSO Maps Week 01-10
80m Fox QSO Maps Week 11-20
80m Time-lapse Fox QSO Maps Week 01-10
80m Time-lapse Fox QSO Maps Week 11-20
80m QRP Fox Hunt 2008/9 Main Page

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  1. Dale says:

    The maps of qsos by week is very facinating. All the rest is the foundation, but the maps are exquisite. As study of props and conditions by band. Very nice.
    All the effort is outstanding. I will refer to the maps for antenna developement.
    Thank you,

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