15 meters


I travelled to Glenwood Maryland the first full weekend in April of 2000 and had the oppurtunity to operate the 15 meter run station of Frank W3LPL. This was the weekend of the ARRL DX Phone contest. I was fortunate enough to be able to record over 10 hours of contest audio between 10z to 23z 04/03/2000. On this page you will find pictures and audio from the weekends event.

The links below should play the audio through your media player. You will hear both transmit and receive audio of the W3LPL 15m run station during the ARRL DX contest. The subsequent playlists or links below consists of 50 to 90 minutes of audio in streaming format. These should play immediately once you click them.

To begin listening to the entire 10 hours of contest audio, click here. The first 3 minutes starts out with Bernie W3UR running some Europeans, followed by Andy K1RA around 10Z Saturday morning of the contest. The digital recorder was a Pentium II 266 MHz laptop with builtin sound card, 4 GB hard disk and 128 MB of memory.

While listening to the audio, if you hit the fast forward or rewind buttons on your audio media player, you will jump ahead or back approximately 60 minutes. I apologize for the slightly annoying crackling, or popping artifacts. If you use WinAMP or a similiar MP3 player with built in equalizer, you can use it to cut off the high end to eliminate the pops.

If you care to listen to only one particular hour of the ARRL DX contest at W3LPL, just click on one of the following GMT time spans from the list below:

1000 to 1111 GMT
1111 to 1214 GMT
1214 to 1256 GMT
1256 to 1415 GMT
1415 to 1531 GMT Mostly EU/SA/YB/India
2015 to 2139 GMT
2139 to 2302 GMT
2302 to 0007 GMT Mostly Asia/Pacific

Having troubles copying the audio? Do you have a sound card and is it properly set up? If so, be sure to get the latest (free) WinAMP, Real Audio, or Windows Media Player for your computer.

After listening to the audio, see our contact rate sheet:


for the entire 48 hour contest, as it compares to the other big multi-operator contest stations from around the U.S. This was created using CT summary data and Excel.

Also check out our contact to continent distribution:


as it compares to the competition. Also created using CT summary data and Excel.

Be sure to hear more contest audio from W3LPL by clicking here.

73 & Good DX!

AndyZ – K1RA