2008/11/11 QRP Fox Hunt K1RA 80m

Below is a table of stations I worked during the 2008 winter FOX hunt on 80 meters. This lists the GMT time, and the information I copied to include the remote call sign, signal strength, state, name and radio power. Click on a station call sign to beginning listening to the CW (morse code) contact. MP3 QSO audio starts one minute before the QSO and plays through one minute after.

I also created a link that sets up the entire hunt in one play list that can be fast forwarded in 1 minute increments. To listen to, or fast forward through the entire K1RA Fox Hunt log click here. Enjoy & 73 de K1RA.

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  1. Scott N0AR says:

    Way cool! Thanks for taking the time to put this up. Sure hope the band is in better shape when I step up to the plate 🙂

    72 Scott

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