Unofficial 40m QRP Fox Hunt Results for 2008/9

This is my own FINAL tally of the 40m QRP Fox hunt season for 2008/9 as of week 20. This is not endorsed by the sponsor, though I have taken great pain to ensure the results are as accurate as possible based on logs posted to the QRP Fox hunt Yahoo group and my own home grown log checking scripts.

Being an active FOX and hound, as well as a radio sport competitor, I’m always interested in timely results and standings. I also believe that more timely results help to keep up the interest in a particular event as well as grab the interest of new folks. So, given there has been little posted to the official QRP Fox Hunt web site ( regarding scoring, I took the liberty to tally, compile and display what I thought were interesting aspects of the various hunts. These include the usual Top Fox and Top Hound rankings, as well as combined weekly Fox Team Results, Best Fox DX and Total Fox DX in miles and some graphic QSO Maps plotting fox to hound QSOs.

To assist in posting my various hunt data I decided to write several (well 14 to be exact) log scripts in the PERL language to digest, cross check, tally and display various results. I used several check log scripts to attempt to ensure each fox logged the correct hound QSO data to include call sign, name and QTH. This was accomplished by correlating fox logs with data retrieved from and logs from the other fox participants. In radio sporting events, log integrity is highly regarded, so I provide this data as valuable feedback and not to call out or by any way demean the fox participants.

Below are links to results, supporting data and tables to include Top Foxes, Top Fox Teams and Top Hounds. There are three mileage based tables showing Best Fox DX, Total Fox DX and Best Hound DX in miles.

My Busted QSOs table, shows a list of removed hound QSOs and the reasons why. Other supporting data includes Log Info, which is a tally of all hound name and QTH reports as copied by the foxes and info for all hounds worked. In turn I have used this data to build a Fox Log Accuracy table that ranks the Foxes with the most accurately copied, logged and submitted logs. You can click, download and review the following 40m Original Fox Logs and 40m Cleaned Fox Logs.

Finally there are two types of graphical Fox QSO maps and two types of Hound maps. The first Fox map shows a static map indicating where all hounds were worked by a fox. The vectors run from the fox QTH to each hound’s QTH grid square. The color of the grid represents how many hounds were contacted in that grid according to the color legend in the upper right-hand corner of the map. These are color coded 1 (grey) through 8 (pink). The second type of Fox map is an animated time-lapse map for each fox, showing where hounds were worked per 10 minute segment of the 90 minute hunt from 0200-0330 UTC. There are 9 frames per animation showing at about a 2 second frame rate. The map title indicates the beginning UTC time for the 10 minute segment being displayed. The animation will continually repeat itself in a loop.

The first Hounds map shows the distribution of Foxes worked by hounds from various parts of the country. Its legend is different with colors indicating less than 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 and 40 foxes contacted thresholds. The second type of hound map is generated on the fly based on a web user entering a hound’s call. The call is search for amongst all the FOX logs and if its found, a map is generated that displays the hounds grid square color coded to how many foxes were contacted. In addition each FOX QTH is labeled with the call sign and a blue ring, for each successfully made contact . If a FOX wasn’t contacted over the season, a blue ring and the word FOX is printed over the QTH of the missed FOX.

Follow the links below to view the hound and fox data from my various log parsing scripts:

40m Top Foxes
40m Top Fox Teams
40m Best Fox DX
40m Total Fox DX
40m Busted QSOs
40m Fox Log Accuracy
40m Log Info
40m QRZ Info
40m Top Hounds
40m Best Hound DX
40m Fox QSOs by All Hounds Map
40m Individual Hound Maps
40m Fox QSO Maps Week 01-10
40m Fox QSO Maps Week 11-20
40m Time-lapse Fox QSO Maps Week 01-10
40m Time-lapse Fox QSO Maps Week 11-20

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  1. Bert says:

    Wow! Thanks for all the info. Those action maps are absolutely great. Bert, K6CSL

  2. Jim Akre/wa9tze says:

    It was great to see results for 40m. What a great system you have- you should be proud. Keep up the super work and look forward to more to come. THANK YOU> Best 72/73’s–Jim Akre/wa9tze…………..

  3. Tom - N1TP says:

    OUTSTANDING in every way – Thanks!

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