40m Best Hound DX

FINAL through week 20

This table is created from scanning all the FOX logs. The best hound to fox DX is recorded in miles and the table is sorted in descending order of longest DX contacts by a hound. The fox that yielded the hounds best DX is also noted.

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Follow the links below to view the hound and fox data from my various log parsing scripts:

40m Top Foxes
40m Top Fox Teams
40m Best Fox DX
40m Total Fox DX
40m Busted QSOs
40m Fox Log Accuracy
40m Log Info
40m QRZ Info
40m Top Hounds
40m Best Hound DX
40m Fox QSOs by All Hounds Map
40m Individual Hound Maps
40m Fox QSO Maps Week 01-10
40m Fox QSO Maps Week 11-20
40m Time-lapse Fox QSO Maps Week 01-10
40m Time-lapse Fox QSO Maps Week 11-20
40m QRP Fox Hunt 2008/9 Main Page

1 Response to 40m Best Hound DX

  1. Andy,
    As with the 80 Meter results, your publication of 40 meter results is much appreciated. As can be seen by the hound scores, 80 meters treated us much more kindly this season than did 40 meters. I knew that was the case with my own results, but did not know until now that it was generally true. Thanks.
    Pete, no2d.

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