80m Individual Hound Map

This form page allows you to enter a call sign of any hound from the 80m Top Hounds page. In turn the call will be searched for amongst all the FOX logs. Once tallied, a map will be automatically generated and returned. This map will color the hound’s home grid square with the number of foxes worked over the season. See the legend in the upper right corner of the map for the color coding legend. Likewise, the map will be populated with blue rings and the call signs of the foxes contacted. If a fox was not contacted over the period of the season by this hound, a blue ring with the label FOX will be placed at the QTH where the fox was missed.

If a hound call is not found, in any of the logs, then no map will be generated.

Hound call:

Follow the links below to view the hound and fox data from my various log parsing scripts:

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1 Response to 80m Individual Hound Map

  1. Tom Palmer - N1TP says:

    I am REALLY appreciate yout efforts. Your skills amaze me.

    I request that your efforts will ASAP include 40 meters.

    The group’s current “Score Keeper” is a total failure. We ae in the last 2 weeks and only the first 2 hunts have been posted by our “Score Keeper.”

    I was the group’s “Score Keeper” for many years. I edited all logs for typos and posted the edited results every week.

    The Team Scores cannot be posted until the “Score Keeper” posts his information.

    My sincere desire is that you will volunteer to be our new “Score Keeper” commencing with the next Summer Hunting Season and continuing for the Winter and Summer hunting Seasons for MANY years.

    Tom Palmer
    Naples, Florida

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