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  • Mike Bishop

    Hi Andy!

    Hope you’ve been well. I was just cruising around QRZ a few minutes ago and thought, “I wonder what Andy is up to these days.” So I went to your site and this post about KiwiSDR caught my eye. Very cool. I played around with it for quite a while and appreciate your making it available. Just last night I was messing with one of the NooElec SDRs and an upconverter that you recommended several years ago. I’m finally easing back into the hobby now that I’ve had a chance to unpack most of my junk here in Forest, VA. Hope to catch up with you sometime soon.

    Take care,

  • Fred Steurer

    I like your SDR, Andy. The low noise signal is so cool!
    Thank you for making it available.

  • Andy,
    I was just surfing around your site here. I obviously didn’t look at it very hard a few weeks ago. You’ve got all sorts of cool stuff here!! I’ll have to search around and find the help files for the KiwiSDR…

  • Hi Andy, I just tried to access your SDR and could not connect. I was wondering if it is still a available. I have used it in the past month and really did enjoy it.
    Thanks for all your effort.

    • k1ra

      I took a close lightening hit last week and lots much of my online SDR systems. I’m trying to diagnose what if anything is fixable.

  • Nick

    Hello from Luzern, Switzerland, when I was living in Brazil I was always listening HF on your K1RA SDR. The Reception was always great.

    Is this SDR definitely QRT, or the URL Address has changed ??

    Best Regards & 73s from Nick,

    PT7MM / HB9GUC

  • Jon Mitchell, KD3FG

    Very cool resource! I’m finally getting my uBITx on the air and I just used your rx to copy my WSPR signal on 40m. I’m impressed with the capabilities on the receivers on that SDR.

  • Javier

    Excelente SDR! saludos desde Patagonia argentina. LU4VI

  • Saman Fernando

    Excellent SDR! Enjoyed very much.. Thank you from Sri Lanka

    Sam – 4S5ST


  • Greg

    Thanks Andy for your SDR online! I will try the plugins as I figure out to run the system. Great service-


  • Steven

    Thank you, I am very new to this and exploring SDR . Think I have found a new hobby. I am not new to radio, I was a radioman in the U.S Coast Guard late 1970s, then again a long time away from radios. It was exciting to hear and copy some CW , little rusty but fun.

  • Ted Lawrence

    Thanks Andy, use of the SDR.

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