K1RA as KW4VA /M in VaQP 2012

VaQP is over! You can read about my weekend experience by clicking the following K1RA as KW4VA /M in Virginia QSO Party 2012. In the article you can read and learn more about my operation as well as see pictures and videos from the weekend event.

I activated KW4VA from the mobile this past Mar 17-18 for the 2012 Virginia QSO Party. I ran 10 bands: 160-6m (SSB/CW) and 2m, 1.25m, and 70cm (FM). As the contest was broken into two segments 10A-10P Sat. and 8A-8P Sun., I’ve decided to run 2 separate routes.

Day 1 on Sat. I was to run west of Warrenton and down Skyline Dr. That consisted of 10 stops covering 12 counties: FAU, LDN, CLA, FRE, WAR, RAP, PAG, MAD, RHM, GRN, ALB and AUG. I didn’t quite make all the counties I planned.

Day 2 on Sun. I was to run an eastern route towards D.C. and south down I-95. That was to consist of 17 stops covering 17 counties and cities: FAU, PRW, LDN, MAX, MPX, FFX, FXX, FCX. ARL, ALX, STA, FBX, KGE, CLN, SPO, ORG and CUL. Again I didn’t quite cover all the ground.

You can see my planned route on the map below. It not exactly what I managed to cover. Read to follow on article mentioned above to find out the actual details.

View Larger Map

Above you can click on the icons to read more info about the locations. You can also view a larger more interactive map by click the link under the map.

For more info on the Virginia QSO Party please visit the SPARC VaQP 2012 web page and the VaQP statistics and tips page.

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2 Responses to K1RA as KW4VA /M in VaQP 2012

  1. KF7IJZ says:

    Look forward to working you in the contest!

    How did you get the county overlay in Google Maps?

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks for all the QSOs & multipliers in the 2012 VA QSO Party. Using N4A, Joe (N4JOW) & I had a great time working you and about 650 others!

    I especially liked using the Google map overlay to clean off those counties & cities in Virginia as they were logged. Don’t know how much work creating the overlay but sure would make a hit to make on for the ARRL Sweepstakes of each of the ARRL sections.

    Anyway, thanks for both.

    Tom, N4NW – (N4A for the 2012 VAQP)

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