TS-930 Mode Switch Repair

My friend Oliver WB3KLI had a Kenwood TS-930 in which the mode switch had failed.  Although it appears the mode switch is a rotary knob switch, it really turns a linkage that in turn pushes and pulls a slide switch.  Since the slide switch and the linkage failed and is no longer available I converted it to use a standard wafer, rotary switch.  I found several on eBay, but none had enough contact points.  I needed a 6P6T switch.  I ended up building my own switch from a combination of wafers from 2 separate switches.  You can see the photo album of my rebuild project here.  Or click on the picture below.

2 comments to TS-930 Mode Switch Repair

  • Hemantha

    Great job
    I have the same problem with mt TS 920 S
    Ill try this method

  • Oliver Smith


    The TS-930 has been working flawlessly ever since your repair, with almost daily use!

    Wanting to keep this amazing radio on the air, I’m in the middle of replacing the power supply courtesy of the kit developed by

    Thanks again for your mentoring,

    Oliver WB3KLI

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